Manpower Supply

Drilling & Workover

We are experienced in providing support for Drilling and Workover personnel for all positions ranging from floor man to Site Manager for technical persons.  For non technical persons, we have numbers of support system drilling and workover experts.  All personnel who work for this activity have gone through a large amount of experience and certification.

Product Operation

Manpower for production operations are the ones who handle the equipment and processing of oil and gas installations. Classification required under generally are those who master the things which are as follows:

  • The process fluid flow and gas from the reservoir to the treatment plant.

  • Oil separation process.

  • The process of compression and gas utilization.

  • Equipment oil storage.

  • Prevention chemicals.

  • The operation of the means of production operations.

  • Instrumentation and ShutDown system.

Well Construction

For a construction activities both existing and new installations, We have the best candidate in the field. The  job is included  from the landfill of new wellpad, until the piping installation of wells to the plant. Construction workers needed from the civil, mechanical,  piping, electrical and instrumentation. Also included therein supervision and field engineering team to translate Detail Engineering Design into a complete installation.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities here means facilities that are directly related to oil and gas processing facilities and supporting facilities.  Every oil and gas processing facilities require intensive care to ensure that there is no down time and facilities operations can be used until their design age.  Supporting facilities can include major building operations, maintenance and employee utility facilities. Inconis have competent personnel who capable of performing maintenance of these facilities by means of modern and effective and efficient ways.

Office Advisor

Office support personnel is an integral part of the completeness of an operational office. Office support can be a force that helps the process of Supply Chain Management, Data Processing, clerk, etc.  Adviser persons need for the type of activity that requires input from experts who are experienced in their field. Such expert in the field of HSE, SCM Expert, etc.